So, guys. I want to write more on all my blogs:) be happy because I am super busy… So today, on Lilac Summers, we are going to talk about a dream I had last night. I’ve changed the names of the people who were in it so it wouldn’t be awkward if they happened to read this one day. So, I was in math class. My teacher, Mrs. Herman (lol) was telling me that the elementary school was hosting a magic show with Jim carry doing magic tricks. (That is the only name I didn’t change). I didn’t really want to go. I was in math class, you know, learning and stuff. I wanted to go take a few breaths of fresh air. I go outside and when I get out there, I decide to take a walk. I walk and I follow a crowd of what looks to be middle schoolers. One girl walks into a door. Of the school building. I follow her. I step into a restroom! As I look around, I realize that I am in the elementary school. I had followed the little kids all the way down the road and into my old elementary school. I walk to where the magic show is. And there, I see joe and Bob, my crushes. Joe is in a wheelchair. (Not in real life) I walk over to them and say hi. They greet me also. I ask them if they are here for the magic show. They say yes. I told them how I accidentally got here. They told me that a teachers brought them here. I agree to walk back with them after the magic show is over. I start freaking out of what I’m going to tell the teacher about where I’ve been. Then I woke up.

It was kind of boring, but weird. More dream stories to come later. Check out my new blog! neonnikes.wordpress.com
See y’all later!



Well, as you cansee form the title, it is Friday. I am happy. Sometimes I think about how when we are in school we say that the year before we were really weird. And then the year after that we say the same. Like in 7th grade we say that we were really weird in 6th grade. And then a year later in 8th grade, we say that we were really weird in 7th grade. I think it is very funny how we contradict ourselves as we get older.




I want to have good childhood stories to tell to my children one day. exciting ones, about adventures and just stories in general. Do you agree? My parents tell me funny stories about when they were young, and I want to have adventures like they did too. That’s all for now. Bye.


I just love going back to school!…said nobody…ever.


ANYWAY, life life life life life. Life is life. And life is good. So life is life that is good. I’m not sure what else to write except for 1 memory. Here it is:


Playing in the snow.


I still like playing in the snow, until my hands freeze off! Lol